• April 13, 2024

What You Should Know About Career Coaching

Today’s economy continues to present challenges for the workforce. There are many who are not happy with their jobs, but don’t dare risk a move. There are those that have been out of work for some time.

The latter are at a crossroads and have a couple of options. Among them are starting their own business, or hiring a career coach. Hiring a coach is not a decision to be taken lightly. Finding a qualified coach that produces results can be a challenge.

So what should you know when hiring a career coach? The most important criteria is that they be certified by a coaching organization. The coach should have a proven track record and you should check at least 3 client references. How to Find Your Zone of Genius?

The coach should ask enough questions and probe into your situation so as to best understand your challenges. Therefore it’s critical that you connect on some level and have a good level of comfort with the coach.

Some common misconceptions when hiring a coach:

1. The coach helps you revise your resume and you land a job quickly
2. The coach will find you a job
3. A single coaching lesson will resolve your job challenges

Clients who are unhappy or hate their jobs have a hard time deciding what they want to do. They may have skills they aren’t using at the current job but don’t know how to optimize them in order to get to the career they really want.

A good career coach has several tools that he/she uses to pinpoint the kind of work the client is best suited to. The coach sessions will help clients get clarity, confidence and most importantly encouragement.

The coach will help the client with career skills such as presentation and negotiation. They can help professionals leverage their talents to best effect. But career coaches can’t get clients a job and they can’t tell a client what he/she should do with their life.

When hiring a career coach get recommendations from friends and business colleagues. Verify the coaches credentials and ask for names of 3-5 clients that coach helped. Follow up with these clients to understand how the coach helped them and if this coach will be a good fit for you.



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