• July 24, 2024

What Do They Mean When They Say “Conscious Business”?

There is a growing trend among small businesses and corporations who are utilizing
the conscious business model – and succeeding. These companies illustrate how incorporating conscious business principals can and does increase the bottom line.

S0 exactly what is meant by “conscious business”?

Here’s how the Conscious Business Institute (consciousbusinessinstitute.com) describes this model:

“Conscious Business is primarily about people who are aware of the impact each of their habits and actions has on their environment. It is about people who live their lives based on the knowingness that everything is interconnected. It is about people, who know who they are – who know about their strengths and weaknesses and who desire to live and work with joy, creativity, ease and love instead of fear, power and domination.”

My perspective is that conscious business is a way of doing business where the creation of value is considered the foundation for creating wealth. Value is defined here as contribution to both the individual and the common good.

It is business infused with values that include integrity, generosity, honesty and service. These values are at the core of conscious business and are in essence the foundation Understanding Rapport upon which all business success is built.

Ultimately, conscious business is a way of doing business that recognizes and embraces the interconnectedness of Life. It is being socially and environmentally responsible. A conscious business operates with heart and soul and seeks to be aware of its impact on the lives of its employees, its customers, its community and the world.

The wonderful thing about this approach is that it operates in harmony with the life principle of giving and receiving. As you pour your time and energy into creating value for the benefit of the community and the environment, your business becomes more profitable than ever as the return current of sales and profits multiplies.

Conscious business practices and strategies are other-focused, which means you have happy customers and happy employees – the best recipe for business success. In essence, your business expands when you aren’t looking!

On the other hand, when your business focus is solely on creating profits, you can miss out on the beauty and unity of working with and for others. This kind of tunnel vision can create sleepless nights and stressful days and it can be a mental, emotional and spiritual drain on your psyche. More importantly, this behavior is often ineffective.

If you find yourself spinning your wheels and racking your brain, it might be time to start integrating conscious business practices into your company’s working philosophy.

Start placing your focus on making the world a better place and being the person you have been called to be. Look for ways to create amazing value for your customers as well as for your employees. The results will pleasantly surprise you!

By placing your focus onto others and your world, your business will naturally succeed. That’s the beauty of conscious business. Spend some time adopting conscious business methods and then sit back amazed as your business takes off!

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