• April 20, 2024

What Are Software Product Deliverables?

A software product is created taking into account various factors and aspects of human life. It is not just a perfect code written by a developer. Everything is much more complicated.

The software Test Automation Services development procedure requires the common efforts of certain specialists who fulfill particular tasks using the appropriate tools and methodologies. The creating process starts with the analysis of customer’s needs and desires. The future product should be required by the end users.

What Helps to Form the Customer’s Requirements?

  • The specific teams gather the necessary information conducting surveys.
  • The specialists analyze the feedback from the other software products of the same field.
  • The information of competitive products is collected and examined.
  • The facts in magazines and newspapers are reviewed.
  • Focus groups may be involved to get the needed information.

After examining the data, the specifications are created. These documents contain the requirements to product system, features, design, etc. The whole further work is based on a set of specifications. The development process is rather complicated, so it should be scheduled in order to avoid the mass. The schedule shows the work done, the tasks which will be fulfilled soon, the time needed for performing the particular assignment, etc.

One may think that a developer simply sits and writes a code as he desires. It is not really so. Before beginning to create a code, a specialist writes a set of specific documents which will help to design and organize the code.

What Are Software Design Documents?

  • Architecture represents the general code design, its elements and the peculiarities of their interaction.
  • Data Flow Diagram shows the data movement through the program.
  • State Transition Diagram demonstrates the software states, their transition, the factors and means for state changing.
  • Flowchart represents the system logic.
  • Commented Code helps to improve the code quality and simplify it. The code is reviewed by several other developers to evaluate it objectively.

When the code is ready, it should be checked by the software testers. They are looking for various errors and mismatches in product system and design by performing various testing types (e.g. unit testing, integration control, functional testing, etc.). Software testing, mobile checking or web application testing requires the creation of several documents.

What Documents Are Used by Testers?

  • Test Plan defines the checking method that will be applied. It checks whether the product meets the requirement specification.
  • Test Case is a detailed description of the testing procedure.
  • Bug Report is created after a test case has been run. It contains the results of checking the system element or feature.
  • Metrics, statistics and summary demonstrate the testing progress.

Software testing company provides a set of services to check the software product quality.

To perform mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing efficiently these methods should be adjusted for each company and each project. QATestLab is independent, offshore software testing company located in Kiev, Ukraine. QATestLab performs testing of products on each stage of software development cycle.

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