• April 13, 2024

Toddler Hat Advice You Should Never Leave Home Without

Do you need to get your child a toddler best snapback hats? This can be a potential battleground, so read these top tips for keeping your sanity when it comes to headgear for the 1 – 3 year age group.

Buy more than one – you will definitely lose at least one a year.

Buy two in the same style – your child will become obsessed with Bob The Builder, Dora The Explorer etc etc. What you don’t want once you’ve actually persuaded your little cherub to put your headgear of choice on, is to have an argument about “I no want blue hat – me like Dora hat”.

Using limited choice can really help with gaining your toddler’s cooperation. Instead of saying ‘Right, come here and I’ll put your hat on!” followed by a tantrum, why not ask “Which hat would you prefer to wear today?”

A colourful toddler hat will help make your child stand out in the park. Toddlerhood is a time for independence, and your not-such-a-small-bundle-of-joy-anymore will strategically place themselves behind the slide, roundabout, sandpit etc just at the exact moment when you start to think “Hey – I saw him just a second ago. Where can he be?” A brightly coloured hat will help out in many cases.

Don’t let anyone tell you that a bit of suncream is any substitute for headgear. The greatest sunblock in the world is no match for a toddler sun hat. Little faces and necks burn so easily.

Go Crocodile Dundee and get your child an Australian type hat with a flap that covers the neck. Often these can be rolled up, but it’s best to just leave the flap hanging down.

It is possible to buy what can best be described as toddler crash helmets – soft but protective caps that cover the whole head (minus the face). Think ‘swimming cap’ not ‘baseball cap’.

Winter hats are just as important as summer headgear. A small child with a cold head is a miserable sight – and what is worse is that they are incapable of seeing the logical connection with the hat and their own personal comfort.

The advantage of wool bonnets etc. is that you can often fasten them on with a button or similar. This way there is no escape for your child!

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