• April 20, 2024

Overcoming Fear Of Flying With Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been around for over twenty years. It started out being used for the military, medical staff, police depts, & airlines to train pilots in multi-million dollar six axis simulators.
Some therapist are starting to use it for treatment for fear of flying. This in combination with some
breathing exercises could reduce anxiety,& sometimes cure your phobia of flying at a reduce savings.

Using virtual reality doesn’t have to be expensive. The prices have started to come down since the technology is starting to become more common. In many cases virtual fitness could be cheaper & more effective then taking a prescription of xanax for your anxieties. Currently, about 25% of the population suffers from flying anxieties. Many people take prescription drugs,breathing exercises, training dvd’s , or therapy. Whats important to know is that all of these treatments work differently with different people.

I happened to like virtual reality because it allows you to experience emotions consistent with those experience in the real world. Virtual reality is conducted in a controlled environment like an office. The
instructor could turn it off, or pause it anytime if they feel you panicking. However, virtual reality has many advantages such as decrease cost, safe environment, client confidentiality & a chance to practice breathing control excerises in a reliable environment.

The training allows you to practice walking to the airport, terminals, sitting on the tarmac, or taking off. You could look out the window in flight while you hear the sensory cues & sounds of an actual aircraft. In addition to virtual reality, most therapist will teach you coping skills to help you manage your anxiety & thought patterns. Fear of flying doesn’t have to immobile you from traveling as long as you set realistic goals, & be persistent in trying to overcome your fear of flying. Remember, you are not alone so don’t be afraid to seek help.

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